logo At the Natural Healing Centre Blacktown, each client is treated differently and as an individual.
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   Tue, Thurs, Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm | Sat 9am - 3pm | Sunday CLOSED | Monday CLOSED | Wednesday CLOSED
   (02) 9671 7453
   6 Keld Place Blacktown NSW Australia 2148
Our Story - Natural Healing Centre Blacktown
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Our Story

Our Story

Friends of our family (Tibor’s Mum and Dad – Irene and Stephen Irene’s husband), were very impressed with how Acupuncture had helped their lower back pain and Sciatica (a pain down the sciatic nerve extending down the back of the thigh and leg from the lower spine). So both Irene and Stephen decided to go along for a couple of conditions to see if Acupuncture could help them. Irene had a lazy thyroid condition which improved so much that she was able half her thyroid medication, her husband Stephen wanted to give up smoking, he did so from the first treatment of Acupuncture. Both were so impressed that they suggested to their son Tibor to give it a go, Tibor had a bruised Liver from a Martial Arts incident, this too was dramatically helped by Acupuncture after only three sessions there was no more pain to the touch!

Tibor (Tibby) was so impressed that he decided to attend some introductory lecture sessions on Acupuncture held in Penrith by the ‘Acupuncture Centre Blue Mountains P/L’ an authorised teaching annex of ‘Acupuncture Colleges (Australia)’ then located in Paddington NSW.

Out of curiosity, Irene asked Tibor if she could also come along to see what it was all about, once they both passed an aptitude test at the end of the introductory lectures they both decided that helping people with this type of healing was exciting, something that we took to like a duck to water, well Tibor gave up his studies of becoming a ‘Health and Building Inspector’ to study natural therapies, one course naturally led to another in an attempt to find solutions for patients health disorders, which kept presenting new challenges, Irene also was so fascinated by what her son was doing so she too decided to tag along and further her studies with her sons.

Her son eventually became a teacher of Remedial Therapies and Kinesiology, he established the ‘Australian Academy of Remedial Therapies’ in 1985 after teaching for the ‘Sydney College of Chiropractic’ for some time. They both established the ‘Natural Healing Centre Blacktown’ in 1982, initially working part-time in the evenings only (after their day jobs) from a renovated bedroom in their home treating friends and families. We have since moved our practice to 6 Keld Place Blacktown NSW.

Many patients have been attending for years, just like your car, your body also requires maintenance occasionally to function at its best, so many people come for their tune-ups, acupuncture works better as a prevention to disease and illness, rather than trying to fix it afterwards, the smart ones know this, and have regular maintenance visits for illness prevention. My father for example wants his anti- flu treatment prior to every winter, he says it’s better than a flu shot, without the side effects!

We are constantly required to attend ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) studies to keep up to date with research outcomes to better help our patients, it is an industry requirement for all professions and we enjoy learning new ways to help people and get even better results, both Irene and Tibor attend around 40-60 hours of seminars and studies per year as part of keeping up to date with things.

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(02) 9671 7453

6 Keld Place Blacktown NSW Australia 2148