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Herbal Medicine - Natural Healing Centre Blacktown
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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Modern medicine has its roots in herbal medicine, many medicines come from plant origin, the difference between the two is that herbal medicine is a more raw, less refined state of a plant extract e.g. the root, stem, leaf or even the whole plant may be used, whereas in modern medicine a particular component or chemical is isolated and concentrated for its therapeutic effect.

It can be used for just about any illness or health disorder similar to prescription medicines, however, care must be taken as there may be adverse reactions with certain pharmaceutical medicines, so the herbalist must be highly trained in this area and take into consideration of what if any prescription medication the patient is taking.

There are basically two types of herbal medicine commonly practiced in the world today, Western and Eastern (Chinese) the difference between the two is that western herbal medicine only involves the use of plants, Eastern medicine involves the use of all items, not only plants, but items of animal origin as well as minerals from the soil e.g. Talcum powder (cooling herb). Nothing is left out consideration when formulating a Chinese medicine. I once bought a Chinese herbal tonic that stated it had an ingredient of ‘sparrow brain’.

The goal of this is to bring the patient back to a state of wellbeing and health through the therapeutic use of these substances e.g. improved liver function, bowel function or anti-inflammatory effect, not to mention a host of other illnesses, similar to going to see your GP.

A herbal prescription is only used temporarily to obtain a positive outcome and should be reviewed regularly and closely, the formula is modified as the patient improves with their health eventually being able to stop the medication completely once the desired outcome is achieved.

It is used for virtually any imaginable condition or illness you could think of, it helps the body’s natural healing processes to work better, it’s like putting a turbo or super charger on the engine of your car, e.g. it can stimulate organs to work better – liver kidney etc. it can also enhance performance, recovery from injury or illnesses.